Taking Two Roses

by | Dec 23, 2016

I sit and breathe peace
My meditations manifest the dawn.
Then from unobserved places
The hideous demon dread descends
Spraying out its paralyzing poison
Consuming every moment
And making dead my desire to breathe
Making silent my hope
It was as if my enemy
Was an invisible phlegm like plastic
In total consumption of me.
This happened this morning.
I managed to stand and, in flight, walk outside
Not followed by consuming ooze
And I did not look back to further examine.
Instead I sat on the steps and embraced my dog
And then breathed all the way in
Breathed all my breath all the way out
I sat still in the remaining dawn
Deciding to simultaneously
Invite dread to join as I embraced

To breathe as I breathe;

To be consumed also by the dawn
By the beauty of daisies as they come to light;
By hummingbirds in their hesitations
To be healed as I am healed
By release to what causes kindness
And release of every aspect of perfection;
To depend on an energy
That causes birds to fly.
Then I stood and walked to roses,
Taking two, including stems.
I walk inside to make our coffee and vase the roses
To place the vase and one cup
Beside my beloved.

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