One Classic Decision

by | Apr 13, 2014

This morning,
near the bayou edge,
I sat at daylight,
to decide what to do next.
While no decisions came to me,
I saw deer silently stand
beneath the wooded edge.
a man walking,
Near distant purple red bud trees,
preceded by a team of mules
harnessed; attached to plows;
in fresh black earth turning the sod.
I saw children and their mother,
flowered skirts near the ground,
books clasped by hand,
walking schoolward;
past a wooden ivied church;
past white flowered dogwood trees
beneath a curved morning moon;
and sun risen sufficient to cast a shadow.
dogs standing still.
a barn,
stuffed with baled cotton,
awaiting compress wagons.
I saw women in overalls
gather from a garden.
Then my recollection returned
I was there to decide.
I decided to leave this place
to see the other side.

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