My Song

by | Dec 23, 2016

Thank you for holding me
For displacing fright from deep within me
For putting to flight the causes for desperation

I do not understand this sense of beauty you bring me
And have no wish to know save gratitude

Even if I am in your midst always will I desire you
Always your loveliness will command my heart

I know my passion for you comes from beyond
Is it strange for me to think it divine

To the silence of my heart you come
Here now is your song ever lifting me

These eyes at last begin to see
For you now I can attend our garden
Can hold all children

My every aspect sings in delight

All of each part of me
Brings singing my love to you

Your brightness has become my being
Has become this land in which we live

How can I have arrived in this lovely place
Consumed by your kindness
All of me always sings softly to you

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