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Haiku & Short Poems

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Billy Reed is a poet who lives in Midtown Memphis, Tennessee. Billy has spent his entire life living in... Keep Reading



Thoughts of Thanks

    Thank you
    More lines from a thank you note... Thanks again for breeze stirred ginkgo leaves adrift in silence to the sunlit sidewalk; and for a yellow lawn. for twin cousins who come each year with great aunt Lilly; weighted down with pecan pie bread pudding; with oysters mosca and peanut butter cake. Thanks for another day, for time to listen. thanks for knowing to sit still and listen. for baby sisters who look like dad who looked like great grandmother. Thank you,
    Thank you for the memories
    More lines from a thank you note... Thanks for the not so empty box left behind by dad and lost until today for sister's uniform neatly folded there thanks also for his worn leather harnesses and for one saddle empty since his departure for all his photographs bound in books thanks for Paul McCartney singing Hey Jude for Hyde Park's thousands of waving singers thanks for dad driving us to coldwater while we sing 'mr froggy went a courting' Many thanks
    A thank you to the sounds
    More lines from a thank you note... Thanks also for the sounds of children singing in laughter some where unseen. For an injured neighbor able to listen and two silent cats tentative and still. Thanks for soft sunlight and memory of rain for memory of mother alone in her yard. Thanks for a beloved brown shawl sometimes around my shoulder in deepest night. Thanks for radiant musicians. for those who dance the night away. Many thanks,
    A thank you to the wild
    More lines from a thank you note... Thanks also... for dirt paths that disappear from the road thanks for uncut forest land and for every mite and stallion abiding there for steepness in hills and fields beyond where trees can grow for flat rock to lay upon beneath sun and moon and circles of stars inside the black night configured outside all imagination unchanged ever by issues of man thanks for the touch of bare feet against dirt a hand to shield sunshine from my eye for the feel of sun against my cheek thanks for a place to be even if in dream untouched by pavement and electronic signal thanks for geese in southern flight for sight to see them for breath Many thanks
    Another thank you note
    More lines from a thank you note... Thanks also for last night's bright rounded moon for circumstance to cease all and see such incredible indescribable beauty for a time to have almost no thought of me for deep breath and stillness thanks for three pieces of pecan pie found in the fridge left behind from last night for two small girls in California and for when we sometimes talk for Sir Paul and Billy Joel Many thanks

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