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Haiku & Short Poems

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Billy Reed is a poet who lives in Midtown Memphis, Tennessee. Billy has spent his entire life living in... Keep Reading



Thoughts of Thanks

    Thank you uncle Charlie
    More lines from a thank you note... Thanks also for buttermilk biscuits the kind now extinct since mother moved away for Fannie Emory who taught mom to cook thanks for granny Greer who helped me be less afraid and Betty Greer who taught me 'kick the can' thanks for every song in 'my fair lady' for leaving on a troop ship from Bremerhaven and for sailing past the statue of liberty thanks for the alley behind my childhood church for when i went to Illinois with Uncle Charlie Many thanks
    Thank you
    More lines from a thank you note... Thanks again for breeze stirred ginkgo leaves adrift in silence to the sunlit sidewalk; and for a yellow lawn. for twin cousins who come each year with great aunt Lilly; weighted down with pecan pie bread pudding; with oysters mosca and peanut butter cake. Thanks for another day, for time to listen. thanks for knowing to sit still and listen. for baby sisters who look like dad who looked like great grandmother. Thank you,
    A thank you to women
    More lines from a thank you note... And thanks for quiet women who cook and sew and tend to ancient ones. thanks for silence lit alone by clock light; for rarely interrupted dream-free sleep. for neighbor ladies who wave from their porch. for energy infused from the great spirit amidst those moments of desperation when flight seems the only solution. thanks for flight as a solution. for Joan Baez. Many thanks.
    Thank you to the little things
    More lines from a thank you note... And thanks for thin crusted pizza shared with a beautiful lady thanks for the quietness of this afternoon thanks that today's news makes me weep for the sound of sisters voice calling from the coast for memory of these trees before they became so tall thanks for the Andre Rieu choir and George Harrison singing my sweet lord for unrestrained anticipations for dreamless sleep Many thanks
    A thank you to the sounds
    More lines from a thank you note... Thanks also for the sounds of children singing in laughter some where unseen. For an injured neighbor able to listen and two silent cats tentative and still. Thanks for soft sunlight and memory of rain for memory of mother alone in her yard. Thanks for a beloved brown shawl sometimes around my shoulder in deepest night. Thanks for radiant musicians. for those who dance the night away. Many thanks,

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