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Haiku & Short Poems

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Billy Reed is a poet who lives in Midtown Memphis, Tennessee. Billy has spent his entire life living in... Keep Reading



Thoughts of Thanks

    Thanks also for familiar faces
    Thanks also for familiar faces, for boys continually resembling uncle rex; who these seventy three years has remained in France;
    Thanks also for children sounds
    Thanks also for children sounds singing in laughter somewhere unseen. for an injured neighbor able to listen
    Another thank you note
    More lines from a thank you note... Thanks also for last night's bright rounded moon for circumstance to cease all and see such incredible indescribable beauty for a time to have almost no thought of me for deep breath and stillness thanks for three pieces of pecan pie found in the fridge left behind from last night for two small girls in California and for when we sometimes talk for Sir Paul and Billy Joel Many thanks
    A thank you to women
    More lines from a thank you note... And thanks for quiet women who cook and sew and tend to ancient ones. thanks for silence lit alone by clock light; for rarely interrupted dream-free sleep. for neighbor ladies who wave from their porch. for energy infused from the great spirit amidst those moments of desperation when flight seems the only solution. thanks for flight as a solution. for Joan Baez. Many thanks.
    Talk of aunt Lelia
    I walk the woods with daddy, holding baskets of fallen figs; gathered from the ground.

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